Sunday: At Home

I just got home from mom’s house today because we celebrated my brothers’ birthday last night. It was laughs making pizza from scratch, and blowing candles out over a homemade cookies and cream cake by yours truly;) My mother is a character that is unique in her own way. Sibling rivalry began with my mom’s unyielding devotion to her youngest son, my brother, which leaves me and my sister in the dust;) No one compares to him, and no one ever will. The lengths my mom goes to, to ensure that he is well cared for, and will go out of her way to provide for his every need is extraordinary. Keep in mind, my brother just turned 33 years old:)

Last night, my mom got all dolled up for his special day, and even went as far as to put up birthday decorations like when we were younger. At the dinner table, she laughed harder, and cheered louder for him more than anyone else in the room! That’s my mom. Her son could do no wrong. Anyone have a mom like that at home who can relate? Well, it used to be that me and my sister would find it disturbing, but now we find it both disturbing and comical. Sometimes, you just have to let it go! We love him just the same.

Upon my return home this afternoon, it was all about a quick dinner, which consisted of a chicken and mozzarella ravioli, bruschetta, and caesar salad. It took me 30 minutes to prepare, and it looks gourmet! I added some pesto to the pasta, and it smells delicious! I have to thank Costco for the pasta tonight. Not bad at all!

Lastly, the skincare! I’m on week 3 of my turmeric mask journey, and so far, so good. The focus for my face is a little dark spot that I’ve had for a while, at the baseline of my jaw. Keeping track of that spot each week will help me to see whether the mask truly makes a difference overall for my face.

Now you have the whole scoop for my Sunday at Home. I hope you all enjoyed! Happy Sunday everyone!


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