The Order of Things

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So, have you started taking it all down as yet? Don’t be surprised if some people still have not. Everyone knows that when you finally get around to taking down Christmas decorations it leaves the house bare and sad looking. Each year we go through this situation, but the key is to leave up the “winter” themed items such as: The garland on the mantle minus the bulbs, or the Poinsettia plant center pieces. It will keep the look of the winter season without the bling of Christmas.

By the time Spring rolls around, you can retire the winter items and trade them in for spring things! In the meantime, It should be a little easier to systematically organize the holiday decor when your winter odds and ends will be put away at a later date. It just makes life a little easier when completed in stages.


I found a few neat tricks that can help the packing process when you decide to tackle the Christmas stuff. Use a piece of cardboard to wrap the lights around so that they can be put into a box and labelled for their use next year. Purchase the large-sized Ziploc bags for storing bulbs, and make sure the breakable ones are rolled up in newspaper before it’s placed inside with the rest. If you have a designated closet space for the decorations, you could use special storage hangers for scarves or ties that could be doubled as a hanger for wreaths or stockings. Mini trees could be stored in wine gift boxes and the bigger trees stored in large duffel bags to avoid ripping boxes!

There are many ways to keep things neat and orderly, and with a few innovative storage ideas, Christmas decorating can be fast, efficient, and fun! Just some helpful hints to make your holiday seasons brighter!