The Perfect Office



The perfect office should always reflect the person you are, and what you do. It should be a direct representation of your aspirations, and have the power to inspire you to achieve them. The paint colour palette sets the tone of your work space.  Darker palettes convey a more serious and thought provoking atmosphere. It also captures charm and a bit of glamour for the professions that call for stimulation and creativity. This may be the type of style that “artsy” personalities may prefer. Purple is the perfect colour example of this kind of office space.


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Office furniture plays an important role for your room’s sense of style. If you go with the theme of darker colours, light furniture could be used to offset the darker hue, and to make the furniture stand out. Depending on your style, you can go ultra modern white with clean, sleek lines and chrome accent finishes, or light wood that speaks to tradition and old world charm.


Finally, the accessories that is chosen creates the finishing touches of the space. Objects such as typewriters and hourglasses, are great choices for the accomplished writer who likes to showcase his or her “love affair” with language. Horses and show dog desk accessories give light to more traditional occupations such as accounting, or even medicine.

There are many ways to make an office space your own, but the best way to start is to dream big. When you believe in your ability, your office should be the perfect catalyst for your ambitions. No matter what your style, own it. After all, the perfect office is all in your unique interpretation.