Thanksgiving Table Flair!

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This holiday holds near and dear to my heart because of all it represents. The thankfulness for food, family, and a year filled with many blessings. It is a time of reflection and memories, a moment at the table where you look around and find comfort in the love you see and feel. This year, I am all about the little details of the table. The poems of ‘thankfulness’ that you could find and print out for each person’s setting, or make a keepsake using old photos that you reprint and use wallet sized frames in order to bring old history to life again. These are the true joys of Thanksgiving.

The table should reflect your family’s sense of style. If you happen to appreciate the traditional look with candles and yellow and red leaves that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, or if you prefer a neutral palette of white pumpkins and beige burlap that give the table a monotone sophistication. Whichever style best represents you, be bold with it. Add large branches to your floral centerpiece to create drama, or couple candles of different sizes to play with light at the table. If you have the old-fashioned oil lamps, it would be an impressive way to make your table pop.

Each year, I tend to keep traditional table pieces that I love, but add new details that reinvent my look for a flawless table over and over again. Get the good china out, polish the silverware, and don’t forget the cloth napkins! We are going for flair this thanksgiving, just so the people seated there can know how thankful you are to have them. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


To Shop Online? Or not to Shop Online?

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Deep down inside I knew that an online purchase this big would probably have some type of consequence, but I took the chance and made the sacrifice for the sake of a juicy blog that finally puts the question of, “To shop online? Or not to shop online?” to rest. Feast your eyes on my queen size, brown leather, tufted sleigh bed with a bronze studded finish. The price was originally $450 US for the bed alone, the place was The detailing in the picture was superb for the price and I could not resist! So, I whipped out my credit card and reluctantly committed myself. Well, $998 Canadian later, I got heart palpitations. It was strike one. It took about 6 weeks to get to me, which wasn’t so bad, and was well packaged to avoid any damage during the trip. When my husband began to assemble it, to my horror, I realized that there was a major issue. The bed’s description specifically stated that it would need a box spring to support the mattress, but this bed clearly is a platform bed with built-in wooden support. Man oh man! What to do with a brand new box spring? My heart sank. It was strike two. I called the Wayfair help line to ask them what I could do about the misunderstanding. Apparently, there wasn’t much that could be done after all. The description did say I needed a box spring, but if you scroll down to the same description written again in point form, it also states that the box spring is NOT needed. What confusion. The lady was kind, but had no suggestions as to what my options were. I got heartburn. It was strike three.

When I look back at my experience I could honestly say that the price was misleading, the description was confusing, and the customer service was very limited. Not to mention that the choice I made was pretty permanent because it was almost impossible to put that bed back in the box to be returned. I’m usually an optimist about trying new things, and it takes a lot for me to admit disappointment. However, I think that I passed up a fun shopping experience at Ashley Furniture, choosing the perfect finishes and paying the ‘asking’ price in exchange for an overpriced “surprise” in a box. To shop online? Or not to shop online? It all depends on if you are a risk taker. I am 100% certain that when it comes to online shopping, getting what you want is a 50/50 chance, with complete satisfaction being slim to none. So you tell me, are you feeling lucky?