A Toast to the Bride and Groom!

resized_20170630_221015-e1499473239764.jpeg Weddings are in full swing this summer, with with cool pastels and lush tropical themes, that romance you into an oasis of island love.  The food speaks to the cultural tongue that explodes with the richness of Caribbean flavours, and brings each dish to another culinary dimension.

Don’t let your mind wander too far in the dream. I haven’t even begun to describe dessert! I had the pleasure of making this wedding’s dessert experience an unforgettable one.  Mounted on double tiered columns was a triple cake delicacy created by Lisa’s Cakes. The ocean blue fondant resembled the calm serenity of the event. Shimmering sea shells draped over the top of the cakes, giving it an aquatic feel, and the embellishment of white pearls lined across the bottom brought a classy finish to the product. The cakes were toasted coconut and a rich buttery caramel, that the guests raved about long after the evening was through.

The groomsmen’s cake was an impressive rendition of the pick-up truck where the couple first met. The scene highlighted the groom’s smooth talk and the bride’s playful infatuation. This cake was a flavourful vanilla with a smooth cream cheese frosting.  The cake was one of my most challenging, but definitely my greatest accomplishment so far. Thank you, Mr and Mrs Benjamin for the opportunity.

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It was an incredible experience, and the most rewarding to know that it was very much appreciated.  With these blessed hands, the possibilities are endless, and for this I am truly thankful. To the bride and groom, I pray that your future shines even brighter together, and that your love for each other knows no bounds. Congratulations!