Reap what you Sew


The gentle, rhythmic thumping of the sewing needle as it sews effortlessly through fabric, has always  been an ambition of mine to master. As much as a blank piece of paper and a pencil gives birth to new thoughts, the sewing machine is a creative tool that allows one the opportunity to make anything dreamed into a reality woven from fabric. I was lucky to find a second-hand Kenmore from a garage sale, and got a thumbs up from a master seamstress in the family who claimed that I found a diamond in the rough! Ever since then, I have been putting my efforts into learning the basics of sewing, from threading the machine, to learning about the different stitches.

I am confident that each day I will learn a little more that will produce the works of unique and fashionable drapes, decorative pillows, quilts, table cloths, and even a sexy black number for me every once in a while!  So, the world is your oyster and there are endless possibilities for the fun you can have with a sewing machine if you are willing to put the pedal to the test. Now, I know what you are thinking, sewing is a thing of the past! Au contraire! The revival of the sewing machine has become essential to the modern home because  you can have the look you have always wanted for just a  fraction of the price! Even designers like Sarah Richardson started from very humble beginnings with her sewing skills from a very tender age, and it has helped her to be  the successful designer that she is today! If you never become the “Fashionista” that you’ve always dreamed because sewing was a bit more complicated than you thought, then at least you’ll have that one “floral pillow” project on the living room sofa that reminds you every day that you at least had guts to try. Cheers to that!