Truth be told….


Well, the truth is that it took me a very long time to figure out what I wanted to write about next. So many life experiences happened in the last few months, that I really had to stop and reflect on how much they have been challenging me. The other point is, if I went on without addressing it, whatever I have in mind to do here would be pointless. I’ll start from the very beginning and say that the most important lesson I’ve learned in life is that you should always dare to dream.

When I was a little girl, I had this fascination with luxurious textures, rich colours, bold patterns, and how they could brighten up a space or cause a subdued feel, depending on what you throw together. I loved to play around with furniture in a room and move things here and there just to see how it would evoke my designing ‘eye’. I was young, but I was a natural. However, it could be the saddest thing to witness that as you get older, your gifts and talents are questioned and challenged by the world, and you could lose faith in something that used to be as simple as breathing.

I abandoned the dream for a while because I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to become what other people would approve of. Could I gain popularity like the Property Brothers? Or create a “Divine Design” like Candice? I wasn’t sure enough about me, so I took a back seat with it. Not too long ago, I had to observe me from the outside looking in, and I realized that I took my talent out of my back pocket to do little things so that people didn’t notice me. When the chatter about me became louder than my nerves could stand, I would simply go back into hiding.

There is no place in this world for people without a dream, nor the time to waste on deciding if there is one. Life is very short and the world can be very critical if we allow them to be. What I realized is that the great people in this world are great only because they themselves believe that. You cannot spend time worrying about if who you are and what you do in life brings a crowd, but when all is said and done, you have to be happy with your contribution.

We can call this my mid-life crisis, but I know that there are steps that I am taking to change how I shine in this world, and it will not be from my back pocket anymore. I just think about how much time I’ve lost, and how desperate I am to catch up with this dream of mine. It will not be lost. I promised myself that the world will have to have a slice of “The Design Diaries”, but just because they may not like the flavour, doesn’t mean that the cake should go to waste. Someone else will love it!

To all the dream seekers out there, I wrote this one for you. The world is your center stage, and you need to have your opening night. Be brave, be bold, be you!