Fabulous Finds

Maris 30″ Table Lamp Set (Set of 2), Wayfair

Fairburn Geometric Handmade Wool Navy/Ivory Area Rug, Wayfair


Larrenton Dining set, Ashley Furniture


Navy denim wingback chair, Pottery Barn


Interesting second hand finds, Letgo.com



Zulily.com is a fantastic place to find little vintage outfits for the little munchkins in your life. They are reasonably priced and operate “vendor” style, so you only have a few days at a time to shop for selected brands. There are also goodies for mommy too, so check it out and let me know if you agree.

lagostina copper cookwear

Lagostina Copper Cookwear

This is a set of cookwear that I have been drooling over for months! The set functions on a professional level with premium 3-ply clad copper technology, its quick reaction to heat (they can also be used on an induction cooktop), and is very pleasing to the eyes! I am in love with the copper look and it just so happens that copper is the latest home fashion trend! It is flashy but functional. You can find this cookwear set at Canadian Tire for $499.

breville barista

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine 870XL

This product is only for the die hard coffee drinkers out there who have a palette for only the best brewed beans! It looks a little complicated but it basically includes a coffee bean grinder on the top of the machine to ensure freshness when brewing, a flat shower head to evenly filter the right amount of water, a cup warmer and a steam wand that warms milk for cappuccinos and lattes. You could have a first class cafe in the privacy of your own kitchen! People will definitely want to know where you found this fabulous machine! You could tell them that you bought it at Williams Sonoma for $599.


Faux Leather and Velvet Wing Chair

This piece sets the tone for a natural rustic theme, with the leather and velvet combination, and the stud detailing around the back and arms. You can find this unique chair on a website called, “Shades of Light” for $999.

Joss and Main

Joss and Main

This website has everything your heart has ever dreamed of for your home. It is filled with all types of furniture from livingroom sofas to kitchen utensils! It offers a wide variety of styles and unique furnishings that will keep your guests wondering where you shop! The best part of it all is that the items are only a fraction of the cost compared to other stores around the city. So, log on to http://www.jossandmain.com and experience for yourself the treasures they have in store for you.


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