Making Memories



I am a busy stay-at-home mom who appreciates the down time to write blogs like this one, but I also can be down for some good old-fashioned “family time”. To all my moms out there, I know how hard it is just to get those moments in when our days are just so jam-packed with school projects, PTA meetings, cooking, cleaning, and even walking the dog! It’s amazing that we could find five minutes to use the bathroom in peace, but I’m sure even that is a very far cry from the truth. There must be at least one child poking his or her head around the bathroom door, hand outstretched trying to “give” you privacy. Moms who are reading this just hit the floor laughing because they know what I’m talking about! But these moments as well as so many other others, seem to go so fast and I am astounded at the rate that my children are growing! It seems that we can’t take the time that we have with them for granted, but we have to embrace it as another moment with one of life’s greatest blessings.

Now I have tried to keep memories by making a journal, taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, keeping hair from first haircuts! Lol. But the question is, where do we put it all? Well, a fellow mom and I were talking about it and she had a brilliant idea that I thought I’d share with you. She has been collecting items from different vacations, celebrations, and milestones and putting them into Memory Boxes! She makes a special box for every important moment for her family and stores it in her library for each member to visit whenever they wish to take a trip down memory lane. The boxes she chose look like books that open as a regular book does, and are stored neatly with other books on the shelf! You could also categorize these boxes so they are easily accessible, and for the scrapbooking fans you could go crazy with stickers and things on the cover. I was so excited about this idea that I thought I would dedicate this post to a mom who has inspired us all to keep making our family memories memorable.