Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

The kitchen island is the center hub of the family who gathers in the kitchen for family meetings, dinner, or games! Sometimes it houses small appliances, or is the home of the table fruit. Like so many other essentials in the house, this special addition to the eating area should be unique to the members who use it. Barstools might be a necessity for some to get homework done, or to eat a quick bowl of cereal before dashing out. Others may need the space for baking orders for their small cupcake business. Whatever the situation, the island must compliment your life, and make it easy and convenient to get the job done.

There are ways you can be creative to build a stylish, workable space without breaking the bank. The use of a pallet or skid as the base of your island, not only gives your kitchen a swanky industrial look, but also saves you a ton of money you would have otherwise spent on expensive building materials. All you need is good quality paint and a brush, and you can make it happen!

Repurposing old furniture may also be an exciting way to build the kitchen island of your dreams! You have the option of putting an old chest of drawers, or even a sideboard on wheels with stoppers, painting its exterior, and adding fancy hardware for visual appeal. You could also include hooks to hang accessories, and choose the perfect countertop to complete an amazing transformation. This look would work perfectly in a traditional, or country-themed kitchen.

Lastly, there is the idea of using bookshelves to put a functional, and organized kitchen island together. Fabulous, right? Who would have thought that a couple of Ikea bookshelves lined in beadboard, and finished with moulding could look so good! I am so impressed with all of these options, and I’m sure that one of these kitchen island ideas is the perfect solution for someone’s household.

Just a few ideas to throw around when trying to decide how to make the most bang for your buck. Keeping things low cost with a keen sense of style is exactly what we all need in our lives. Enjoy your evening, and happy Wednesday everyone!


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