Lego Ninjago Birthday Celebration!


So, the Lego Ninjago Birthday party for Jayden’s 9’th was a great success! For those who are not aware of what Lego Ninjago is all about, let me just say that they are┬áLego Ninjas that are hot and happening with kids everywhere!

As you all know, I am always up for a challenge, and decided to draw and paint a replica of the Ninja character, ‘Zane,’ and hang it up on the basement wall. I used the picture on the left as a guideline for the end result on the right. Neat isn’t it?

I also had a Japanese inspired snack table complete with a traditional red Japanese roof, and hand-made loot bags with ninja faces for all of the Lego goodies! The goodies included: Lego candy pieces and a mini Lego character made of 30 pieces to be assembled. Those kids were Legoed out when all was said and done!


Saving the best for last, a ‘Ninja Lego’ themed vanilla cake with burgundy icing! It was absolutely delicious! Looks like “Super Mom” has done it again. Making an ordinary birthday, extraordinary. I can only imagine what the next birthday party will be…