First Day of Summer

summer pic

In honour of the official start to summer, I decided to finally sit down and write a few words to inspire both you and I. I can only say that time waits for no man, and it has been a few months since I have had a chance to put my thoughts down into a blog. I must admit that it definitely feels good. The last time I wrote was after Christmas and the topic was on keeping things neat, tidy and organized after the holidays.

Can you believe that we are six months into the year and at least 20 degrees hotter? It has certainly been busy, but I must say that I am most definitely back on the scene! So, the warmth and late glow of the sun has inspired all of us to get out and make things happen in the world! I feel energized and set for one of my best summers yet!

The first challenge I will be picking up again is my crazy backyard, which I vowed to complete last year, but simply ran out of time. The weeds now look as tall as the trees, and we have dirt where grass should be growing nicely!  It is a hot mess to say the least, but I am excited about the plans I have to make it my own private oasis this season.


This is a picture of what my backyard looked like last year in the fall. It looks very similar now, except for a few overgrown weeds. I started dreaming about the backyard’s makeover at the back retaining wall. I will plant Wintergreen Boxwood hedges along the fence, followed by the very popular and beautifully round Japanese Willow trees that will be spaced evenly in front of them.  In between the trees will be grass plants that will add a little tropical feel to the space, and a few purple Alliums around the base of each tree, that will give a uniformed look that catches the eye.

Using black mulch will bring a sharpness to the look, and a small fountain that will be placed in the center of the garden that will bring a calming to the space for years to come. Of course, I cannot forget spotlights for the evening ambiance, that will showcase my “resort at home”.

The grass will also go in this season, tying the whole backyard together, giving it a lush look, and making usable space for the kids. I’m sure they will be ecstatic! A stone walkway will be laid from the gate to the deck to make the entrance into the backyard a grand one, and our deck will finally get the cosmetic surgery it so desperately needed! We are planning to install louvered panels around the deck perimeter, instead of the lattice screens that are currently in place. Wall sconces and retro string lights strung up on the pergola will add to the layered lighting effect, and will make the space feel cozy and bright for gatherings.

Last, but not least, an outdoor fireplace will be the backdrop of a romantic outdoor setting, complete with a living and dining space! Do you see it now? Although it sounds easy peasy, Rome was not built in a day, but I most definitely have the dream in mind. Step by step, this backyard will be my masterpiece! I hope that I’ve inspired you to get moving on your list of things to do. Now, let’s get started. Shall we?