Saturday: Reflections

5 Online Dating Tips Women Should Live By - How To Date Online

A couple of friends and I were chatting about the pros and cons of dating online, and if this way of meeting people is truly effective for those who seek love, and a life partnership. It’s a juicy topic, and one we have to cover thoroughly. I have a few stats that I will pair with the topics to help us better understand the online dating situation.

  1. Is online dating a good way to meet?
What AdultFriendFinder Reviews Can Teach You About Online Dating - Hedonist  / Shedonist

So, a lot of people want to know if online dating is a valid way to meet a potential partner that you could spend the rest of your life with, and the answer is yes. According to stats in 2005, 44% of individuals agreed that online dating was an acceptable and promising way to find your significant other. The same survey was done ten years later in 2015, and the number rose to 59%. This steady incline proves that more of the population is convinced that you could really find the person of your dreams on an app. What do everyday people you know say about this? For one, my friends sounded a bit sceptical about finding someone to spend the rest of your life with online, because a lot people do not take it that seriously. The argument is that between the dishonesty, and lack of commitment, there was no room for real love.

2. Are people honest about themselves online?

Online dating services may put on a fake face | The Seattle Times

It’s a given that the reason why people get away with lying about themselves online is because they can’t be held accountable through a screen. What you put out there is basically what you lead people to believe about you. This is also common about people who post info about their lives on Facebook, and other social media platforms. We give the world the best version of ourselves, hoping that they see us as perfect, which only leads to unrealistic standards. According, 57% of people who are on online dating apps lie to each other, and mentions the three areas where most people lie, which are: 1)Age, 2)Height and Weight, 3)Job/Income. My issue is, why lie about who you are when you know you have to meet face to face on day? There lies the problem: The people who lie about themselves are not planning to be real with anyone, ever! Can we then assume that the dating app “liars” are only doing this to stroke their own ego?

3. How effective is online dating overall?

Awkward First Dates: Lessons in Online Dating as a South Asian Woman

With all of the dishonesty, I could see why people are a bit uneasy about making online dating a viable option for finding their life partners. According to, 45% of the online population feel frustrated with the concept, compared to a mere 28% who feel hopeful that they will find love. There are roughly 10% more men than women on dating apps, and the interest in women peaks at 21 years old. Men get more online feedback around 48 years old, giving him twice the amount of followers as women the same age ( It is clear that women are favoured in their youth, and men are more sought-out in their middle ages. What happens to the interest in a woman once she has conquered a reputable career, and is ready for a family in her 30’s? What happens to a man in his youth that he is only now searching for love in his late 40’s? The mysteries of life;)

Now that we have combed through this subject, I understand that there is a discrepancy between online dating, and true intentions. If there were a way to separate those who want a real relationship from those who are playing around, relationships would be able to blossom faster, and more effectively. Making yourself vulnerable in love is something we cannot run away from, no matter if we are face to face, or online. There comes a time when we have to lay our cards down, and allow ourselves to be enough for someone else to love. My guess is that if both sides take their walls down, there will be room for love to grow. Happy Saturday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Saturday: Reflections

  1. I think it stinks frankly. The 21 year old hottie is obviously going to get a lot of attention and it makes it hard for any woman 35 or older. And I have some male friends who are these nice, attractive guys but they are average dudes, average job, good looking but of course aging, greying or balding etc. They say they are lucky to get maybe 1 response out of 20. And if you are a woman oh my goodness! A lot of times there will be 100s of private emails etc. Well that sucks because you have to weed through them and sometimes you delete someone who would really good for you. You can’t respond to them all and some of the messages are obscene with people looking for sex, penis pictures, etc.

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    • I hear you. It’s really unfair in the online dating world. I guess the old way of meeting someone, and falling in love was the most honest and true way to find your other half. There are some people who still believe that there is love on dating sites though. Love your feedback! Thank you:)

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      • And there are exceptions where people find love online but to me it is basically the equivalent of in the old day what a blind date was. Occasionally it is lightning in a bottle but it is the exception to the rule. I have had friends use the dating sites and none of them have had any luck and these are awesome, attractive people. As far as online dating goes, I would much rather take a look at the average person who is not afraid to admit flaws as well as strengths.

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