Spring or What?


If you look out the window you might be scratching your head about the antics mother nature has been displaying over the last few days, right? Is this Spring or what? What should be light sweater wear, peeping tulips, and deep evening sunsets; is now where’s the duvet? Turn the heat up! What’s that white stuff on the ground!

Yes my friends, we are talking about the dirty “s” word, snow.  Now, I believe the best way to fight this winter prison is to make it warm from the inside out.  This means, we need to “Springafy” the home. I’m talking a complete overhaul from neutrals to bold punches of yellow, lilac purples, and forest greens. Bring your homes to life with corners filled with accent pieces that brighten the space, and don’t forget the florals!

The most important part of making rooms come alive are the floral arrangements that speak it. You can couple or even group vases together with a monochromatic look, or jazz it up with bright orchids and massive peonies! They will definitely be the reason for the smiles when people enter the room.

So, what if your flowers aren’t real? If you can find some impressive impostors, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Some people can’t handle the pollen or the budget that you need to replace the old ones with the new. Whatever your budget may be, you can always find a way to pull off the look of Spring.



If you are daring, you can take this colour quest to another level by adorning your windows with beautiful bolds too! Let your conscience be your guide, only choosing the colours you know you can live with all summer long. Make sure your couch agrees too, if it happens to sit in front of the window.  Adding accent pillows that will marry the curtain colour could bribe your couch to fall in love!

Whatever way you decide to make this Spring thing happen in your home, is totally up to you. I guarantee you a peace of mind and a “zen-like” feeling each time you walk into your home, which is more than what Mother Nature can do for you outdoors! She has to be kidding!