Sunday: At Home

Bugatti La Voiture Noire, GIMS 2019Hi everyone! To my surprise, I did not spend the day at home, but at the AutoShow with my family. All the plans I had for baking and crafting went out the window, but it was a welcomed change from the same Sunday schedule. What could I say about the AutoShow? It was definitely a place to dream, with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis, oh my! I couldn’t pick my husband’s jaw up off the ground. The cars were definitely a thing of beauty, and lots of fun to explore. The rules are, if the cars are worth a certain amount, they are either locked up, or on a “no touch” display. The Bugatti was the show stopper, priced at a whopping $19,000,000. Yes, that’s right! I did not add too many zeros.

The other brands, Honda, Volkswagen, Lincoln, and more, showcased some pretty models. I had my eye on the SUVs since I am a mother of three, and I was not ashamed to open every trunk to inspect the amount of space each one offered. At one point, I leaned over and said to a sales woman beside me, “You could tell a lot about a car from it’s trunk.” What does that even mean?? Oh man, I am slowly turning into my mother! The kids had fun going in and out of the front seats, pretending to take the steering wheel to drive. My husband had his eye on the new Dodge Ram truck, while I fell in love with the Genesis G80! That will definitely be my car when I no longer have to carpool.

We closed the house down tonight on the final day of the AutoShow, but if you are ever wondering when it happens in Toronto, it is usually in the middle of February for two weeks. We bought family tickets which was Two adults and two kids (under 12) for $50. My daughter got in for free because she is six. We spent about 3 hours looking around, but if you are a super car fan, you may easily take 5 hours to get a thorough look at what the show has to offer.  I am wrapping up the day with a nice hot tea, and my favourite show on Netflix. I hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. Let’s look forward to the week ahead. Happy Sunday everyone!

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