Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

Wallpaper! Wallpaper! Wallpaper! Where to begin? I am on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper for my laundry room. I’m looking for something grey and white, or possible copper/rose gold accent. There are millions of wallpaper prints to choose from. The problem is, which one is the best look for my space?


TimberTrails_October2017_057This will be the colour of my cabinets once I paint them. It will be a slate blue. I am looking for the perfect wallpaper to compliment this gorgeous look. What is your opinion? I have a few sample wallpapers below that I would like for you to choose from. Match the wallpaper you think looks best with these stunning cabinets, and I’ll share my favourite design with you, too!










Well, which one would you choose? Not easy, is it? I am personally obsessed with the marble look, and would be persuaded to go “glam”. However, laundry rooms should have a neat and clean feel, so a simple design might suffice here.  My head says to choose the sensible Scandi Leaf design, but I’m a marble girl all the way! Can’t help it. I’m just a “go big or go home” thinker, who is never afraid to live outside the box.

Which ever wallpaper you choose, I’m sure it is the perfect reflection of your personality and style. Choosing a design that you feel comfortable with, is what is most important when doing a makeover. You have to love it, not because Lisa says it’s fabulous, but that it’s what truly makes you happy. The space is yours. You ought to stand in it and be excited every time just because it is so you! Happy Monday everyone!

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