Saturday: Reflections



My experience this week inspired me to write about the concept of change. There is a process to the whole thing, that includes: The break away, the turn of events, and the new direction.


The Break Away

This is the first stage of change, where you feel a tear from the life that you are used to. It is not an easy step, and it challenges the people who fear the separation. It could mean leaving a job, a family, a relationship, or even a country. Feelings of uncertainty and loss flood through your mind as you try to make sense of what is happening. Sometimes, there is no clear vision of the future, and the road ahead seems dark and questionable. It is the place that you grieve for what was, and where you sit in your sadness.


Turn of Events

This is second stage in the process of change, where a new opportunity presents itself in a nice shiny package. It arrives as a glimmer of hope that allows you to envision your life in a new, and exciting way. The challenge is still present because the concept has its uncertainties, but the possibility stands. I’m finding this stage to be the most nerve-wrecking in my change process because this will affect more than one situation in my life. Like so many others, I have my doubts, but I also stand firm in the belief that for growth to happen, this step is essential.


New Direction

This is the third stage in the change process where you see the changes blossom into your new beginning. The road is clear and the direction is forward. This is the place you can free yourself from any anxieties, and put your efforts into building the new chapter of your life. Tomorrow will never be for certain, but we should always be optimistic about the life we live today. Life is too short, and we have to take chances to ensure we live life to it’s fullest potential. It could be new love, a baby, a divorce, or even getting through the grief of loss. There is always something more to be appreciated, another opportunity to thrive, a new story to tell. If you are still among the living, your story is not finished yet.


So, why change? We are living a purposeful life. No matter how hard your situation, there is much to be examined and acknowledged. Could you imagine living this life only to find out that it was all in vain? Your experience in this world is unique and beautiful in it’s own way, because it shapes who you are. There is no replica of you anywhere in this world, and we have to celebrate that. Change is simply our GPS on the road we call life. Without it, we could never evolve into the promise of who we are today. Respect the process, and love the person who is born out of it. Happy Saturday everyone!


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