Sunday: At Home

Hello all! I am absolutely pooped from all-night baking on Friday, and I just haven’t been able to recover. You know, you begin to realize how old you are when you’re not able to do the things you used to do once upon a time! However, I did manage to upload some great pics and a funny video done during my Sticky Toffee Pudding Bake-Off I did last weekend. Check it out:

The finished products square off…

The winner of the Sticky Toffee Challenge is….. The Original! The family gathered for a taste test, and finally reached a verdict after many hours of deliberation;) Needless to say, they could not get enough of that toffee sauce for the original recipe. Believe me, I almost sat down with the pot and ate it all myself!! Everything went according to plan for the most part. A few bloopers happened in the kitchen, but overall, I had a great time!

Tumeric Mask

As promised, I also dabbled in Wednesday’s DIY project and made a tumeric face mask for dark spots, as well as the face scrub. The mask turned out pretty well, but the scrub was a little runny. I didn’t bother to use the scrub because of its consistency, but the mask went on smoothly, and when I washed it off, my skin was visibly lighter. I kept it on for 15 minutes before washing it, and the plan is to do one twice a week for 6 weeks. This is day 1, week one.

Today was a blast but I have to run! All the best to you this week, and happy Sunday everyone!

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