Friday: The Socialite

Caves & Caverns - Scenic Caves Nature Adventures - Collingwood

We have already explored the hills of Blue Mountain in Collingwood, but there is a place right around the corner that is yet to be discovered. It’s called, “Scenic Caves.” A five minute drive from the town, the caves boast fifteen kilometer hiking trails, comfortable picnic spots for the family, and a suspension bridge that poses the picturesquest 10,000 square kilometer forest view from above. Carved years ago by glacial ice, the caves run 70 feet below the surface with self-guided tours, and panoramic views of the Georgian Bay. It was once home to the Petun First Nations, who numbered approximately 8,000 in population size around the Niagara Escarpment in the early 1600’s.

Suspension Bridge - Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

In the summer there are many activities such as: Mini golfing, wagon rides, zip lining, and trails. In the fall, the view is spectacular from the bridge, with all of the rich colours of the season. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular winter activities, as well as special winter trails. There is a lot to do in Collingwood, and it being roughly a two hour drive from Toronto, you can be transported instantly to a whole new world in nature in no time. It would be be a real adventure that awaits you this weekend, if you pack up the car and just GO! Enjoy the last of the warm sun;) Happy Friday everyone!

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