Thursday: What’s Baking?

So, it’s my son’s birthday tomorrow, and he can’t stop talking about how his day is going to go. I had to venture into Walmart to get the gift he wanted, which is a VTech Smartwatch. Family members ordered his other gifts online via Amazon, and gifts apparently are on their way to our home. What a strange time we are in now. Anyway, with the help of his younger sister, and older brother, I also plan on baking a cake tonight for tomorrow’s festivities. He’s lucky he has siblings! Otherwise, he would be eating cake with mom and dad;) I have picked out a few cakes that I have the ingredients for, and I want you to guess which one I will be deciding on.

Oh my! Don’t you wish you were invited? We have the classic rainbow cake, a deluxe chocolate, or a delicious peanut butter cake. I will decide tonight and start baking. There will be a big reveal on Sunday, so don’t miss it! I will also throw in a couple of handmade birthday decorations, including a banner and a birthday boy badge! Dinner will be special. I am baking a salmon, and will compliment it with asparagus and a hearty bean salad. We will play games, watch movies and go for a walk. The best we could do for now. It will be a lot of fun! Hang in there, and all the best to you tonight. Happy Thursday everyone!

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