Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Hi everyone. I was curling up in front of the tv watching Netflix, and it came to me that I would love to have a chunky blanket! The comfort of a warm, and fuzzy homemade blanket would keep me busy, and make my movies cozier in the evenings. What a great challenge! I thought I would share a video on how to make them so that you could give it a try at home too! If you love colours, this is your chance to be creative and choose from a wide variety (online;). I know that my go to is usually the greys, because it matches the furniture I have, and will not stain easily. Here is a video that will tell you how to create the blanket, step by step:

It doesn’t get any better than $35 to make your very own blanket! While you are sitting at home, thinking of what to do to occupy your time, you could be making one for yourself! I will definitely try one too if I could manage to get my hands on the yarn. I did see the yarn at Superstore, but did not get a chance to see how much they were selling them for. If anyone knows a good place to look, even if it’s online, please let the rest of us know.

I will send you a pic with my chunky blanket, and you could send me a pic with yours! We are moving into Spring, but the nights are still chilly enough for a great, big blanket. Have yourself a wonderful night. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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