Sunday: At Home

(Picture of Niagara Glen Hiking Trail from my phone!!)

Have you ever had an impromptu day, where the early morning finds you on the road to an early hiking adventure? My family and I decided last minute, to accompany a few friends to Niagara Region. We found a fantastic hiking trail called the Niagara Glen, that was situated right alongside our bordering neighbour, the United States. The colours of Fall were bright and bold, and the air was so fresh and full of life! Sometimes, when you live in the city you forget how important a little time spent in nature is for your mind, body, and soul.

It was the most relaxing day I’ve had in a long time, and I loved every minute of it! We took photos of nature all day long, until the kids got sick of smiling;) Isn’t water therapeutic? Listen to the sound of the rushing river as it carries by us in it’s turquoise beauty. It almost seemed as if I could jump in and float away. Don’t be fooled, as the signs posted everywhere soberly reminded us that falling into the aggressive waters would cause rapid hypothermia, and could also drown you both swiftly, and painfully. That was a bit eerie, but I guess they had to be honest about the dangers.

Overall, it was another precious memory for the Myers family! Alas, all good things must come to an end until the next great adventure…

I wanted let you all know that people have been sharing their pictures of my recipe suggestions they’ve been trying out at home, and man oh man, does it ever look good! If you can recall, there were a few fabulous recipes from the Food Network that I shared with you about using your Thanksgiving leftovers to make a fancy, day-after the party, meals. A reader sent a picture of her “Turkey and Stuffing Quiche,” which turned out perfect! Take a look:

Keep the pictures coming! I am loving every one of them. Do you wish that you tried it too?Well, scroll back about five days in blog posts, and you will find the unique recipes that could still be done!

I also have to confess that I’ve been falling behind in my Tumeric Facial Treatments, and experimental research. I will be back on track next week with week 2 pictures. For those of you who read the blog a few weeks ago about making your own homemade facial products, will also remember that I made a mask of my own. I will be using it for 4-6 weeks to investigate if the Turmeric concoction significantly reduces dark spots, and acne. Okay, I think that’s everything for now. I hope you had an awesome weekend, and I look forward to our new week ahead! Nitey nite, and happy Sunday everyone!


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