Sunday: At Home

Another weekend gone by and I don’t know about you, but I am completely exhausted! It was an action-packed Saturday when we headed out to Collingwood to see the Scenic Caves. I have to say that we had an incredible time! There were so many interesting trails, and some that lead to a huge suspension bridge that had an awesome view of the Georgian Bay. According to my fitness app, we made 17, 894 steps, and I felt every one of them;) You couldn’t even ask for better weather, too! The temperature was up to 18 degrees celsius, or 64 degrees fahrenheit for our US friends! It almost felt like a summer repeat, which got me feeling good all over:)

The caves were the best part about the trip, with so many entrances to explore. The most exciting cave of all was the “Fat Man’s Misery” cave, where tight spaces was the central theme. Oh man, did I sweat through a few of those passages, and I had to reach back and help fellow cave explorers behind me, but overall it was definitely an exhilarating adventure! The only negative thing was the pricing to get in. It cost my family of five $140 to enter the park to do trails, caves, and play in the playground. A bit pricey to be one with nature, if you ask me.

Needless to say that Sunday is a complete bust! I can’t move an inch, but the basics were done: Raking leaves, laundry, dinner, bathroom clean up, hair washing and styling (for my daughter). All of this before Monday morning, and before you know it you’re back at it again, but with a ton of memories under your belt that makes each day worth the fuss. I wish you all a fabulous week ahead, and happy Sunday everyone!


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