Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Top 60 Best Coffee Bar Ideas - Cool Personal Java Cafe Designs

If you are a lover of coffee like I am, then you must be hysterical over the piece of art in the picture above. Coffee is no joke! For some, the pot must always be brewing, and for others, a simple cup a day will suffice. For me, I not only love to drink it, but I also love the idea of giving it a special home at home! Today’s DIY challenge is to make a coffee bar that resembles your local coffee shop; including everything from the blackboard signs, to the stacked teacups. Putting a coffee bar together makes your coffee experience a glamourous one, whether you sip alone or with a friend.

This is a simple transformation that only requires some old wood for the chalkboard frame, a vintage dresser or side table, and a lot of imagination! First thing’s first, you must decide on the perfect place to set up the coffee bar of your dreams! This could be the kitchen, or even your dining room. The main idea is to give it a home where it’s easily accessible to you and your guests, as well as a spot that would compliment the look.

Adding shelving to the scene will allow room for décor pieces that will add to the bar concept, and would also house some of the essentials needed for coffee/tea time. For the countertop display, a coffee grinder and/or coffee maker should be the main focus, followed by a kettle and teacups. Cake domes or platters are a welcomed addition to the bar because it suggests that treats are to be served! Some people like to include coffee syrups to be fancy, but my idea of good coffee is best uncomplicated:)

Are coffee bars only for coffee? Absolutely not! This area can double as a bar for cocktails, or even service for a dinner party. You can include fresh flowers and candles to make it elegant, or fill a few vases with corks for a wine and cheese party. There are so many uses for a space like this, you will wonder why you had not thought of adding one before!

Does your coffee bar have to be out in the open? Not necessarily. Your kitchen pantry could double as a coffee bar if you really wanted to keep it hidden until needed. How incredible it would be to throw open the doors when your guests are ready to be served, only to reveal a swanky, built-in coffee bar! You just can’t beat that kind of class;) Take a good look around your home and make an epic plan for a coffee bar that will keep your guests coming back for a refill. Enjoy your evening, and happy Wednesday everyone!


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