Reflections: Saturday

I’ve always wondered why New Years Day marked the first attempt at weight loss. The gyms and weight loss clinics have all their commercials all lined up for boxing day – right after the massive Christmas dinner. They remind us that we have a goal we need to meet, and we suck up the shame and whip our credit cards out! With Thanksgiving spearheading the eating games, we must take a closer look at the reasoning behind why our feasts are so out of control.

Saturnalia by Antoine Callet.jpg

If we go back in time to ancient Rome, there was a celebration called, “Saturnalia,” which commemorated the first day of the sun’s return. In honour of the Greek god Saturn, the people would take part in heavy drinking, gluttonous eating, non-stop gambling, and sexual orgies. Rome was known for their outlandish partying, and it became such a trend that the world followed suit.

When we sit at our celebration tables, we have to consider the historical influence of our modern traditions, and decide for ourselves what it will be for us. Coming together as a family, sharing in a meal, and celebrating our own beliefs is one thing. Going over the top because we can, almost seems excessive. We wouldn’t have to worry about our waistlines if we did things in moderation. If we also consider that so many of our fellow men are in more perilous conditions around the world, and are not able to partake in a simple meal, it would be downright disrespectful to stuff our faces.

So, the world encourages us to eat, and then turns around to make a mockery of our weight gain. They take ideologies from the past and make it our present, even if it has nothing to do with who we are today. I think it’s time to make our own history, and to make choices that reflect what we truly believe. All the best you, and happy Saturday everyone!


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