Sunday: At Home

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas in Burlington & Oakville

It’s all about the lawn today! From the time I woke up this morning, I’ve been listening to the low, hypnotic moan of the lawn mower, which summoned me to yard work right away. Believe it or not, the kids started off with the cutting of the grass, and pulling of the weeds, with a little nudge from me, of course! I continued on with pruning what I call, “The Umbrella Tree,” and more weed-pulling. the weeds have been relentless this year, and if you were not on top of them, they probably ate your lawn alive! I pull weeds when I come home from doing groceries, after my workouts, and even before dinner. I’m sure you get the drift; I pull weeds all the time!!

So, needless to say, when my neighbours walked by today, complimenting how pristine my grass looked, I was truly content! At least someone can see, and appreciate the back-breaking work I put into gardening. Apparently, the city also notices when your landscaping is above and beyond, according to my mother who recently received an award in her mailbox! If you think I am obsessed, you have to meet my mother;) She is on her hands and knees in front of her home night and day. That, my friends, is what you call dedication! I could only hope to be surprised with an award like that one day.

I have also been surveying my eating habits, and decided that I need to incorporate scrumptious salads for dinner for a little while. Yes, everyone goes through that period in their life where they look in the mirror, and vow that they will never eat another bowl of cheesies again! Well, my friends, my day of reckoning has finally come! I decided to start out easy, and made myself a Greek Chickpea salad, which conveniently was big enough to share with the family:) I have to say, it was definitely a hit! If any of you have any legendary salad recipes, I’m all for it! Share your best recipes so that we can all get on the road to a healthier lifestyle! Happy Sunday everyone!


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