Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

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For those of you who haven’t had the luxury of a hotel room in a very long time, this one is for you! I don’t know about you, but the hotel bed is one of my favourite things I look forward to when the room is ultra luxe! There is nothing better than a well-made bed with all the trimmings done right. This is an art, let me assure you, with many steps in the process. Every step is just as important as the next in making the perfect place for slumber. I thought we could explore the process of building the bed of your dreams together, from the mattress pad all the way to the duvet.

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Basics needed to make a hotel-style bed:

Feather bed

Feather bed protector

Sheets (loose)


Large Shams

Pillows/ pillow cases

Sham-covered pillows

Decorative pillow

Runner/Throw/Bed scarf

It may cost a little bit to achieve the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of, but it will all be worth it in the end. The feather bed seems to be one of the fundamental pieces to the bed, as it gives it the height and fluffiness that true luxury provides. You may have an issue with your fitted sheet over the feather bed and mattress, so I recommend you use a loose sheet that is one size up from the mattress. That way, when you are tucking in the sides there is more than enough room to make it tight. Play with colours and textures when it comes to shams, and reciprocate the style and/or colour with that of the throw at the end of the bed.

Now, you will finally have rest that is fit for a king/queen in your bed made for the ultimate comfort! Share before and after photos of your well-dressed bed, so we can see the difference. I hope you have a great time making the bed of your “dreams.” Happy Wednesday everyone!

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