Sunday: At Home

Our Sleep Training Nightmare - The New York Times

I woke up before the sun rose this morning, to my son crying about the bad dream he had. He was hysterical, and my husband and I had no choice but to make room in the center of the bed for him to sleep. I think that the kids sleeping over on our bed worked when they were toddlers, but not when they’re nine! I could barely shift in place, in danger of falling right off the side, so I took my pillow and high-tailed it to my son’s bed for some proper rest. A few hours later, I opened my eyes to numbness in my right arm, and serious back pain! It just goes to show that kids’ beds are made for kids;) Do any of you parents and caregivers out there experience sleepless nights due to nightmares? Crazy right? I hear you. Needless to say that at almost forty, a sleepless night for me equals an unproductive day.

No energy, lots of coffee, and bumming out on the couch, pretty much sums up what my day has turned out to be. I’m cool with that because It’s Sunday. I managed to bake a cake yesterday. Carrot. It was delish! The cake was made impromptu for a friend’s birthday, and I even made sure I baked extra for us at home. A storm washed over us around midday, which made my experience in front of the tv more snuggly! I love rain when I’m under the covers. Don’t you? My schedule may not have been crazy today, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed life in slow motion. Cheers! Happy Sunday everyone!

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