Saturday: Reflections

Encrypting Kubernetes Secrets With Sealed Secrets | by Gaurav ...

Have you ever been caught between the idea of speaking the truth, and holding your tongue? Depends on the situation, right? The thought came to me as I was watching a show called, “Doctor Foster” on Netflix recently. It is basically about a woman whose husband is having an affair. When she found out that her husband was unfaithful, she also discovered that her closest friends were also in on the secret.

Using the scenario as an example, I’m wondering if it is better for someone to know the truth about what is happening behind their back, or should they be sheltered by silence? There is a lot of responsibility in speaking the truth, as it could cause permanent damage to a relationship that would ultimately be on your hands. It may also be the reason why a friend would be able to see the situation for what it truly is, so that he or she could make the best decision for their own life.

If you choose to keep silent, how do you look to the friend when the truth finally comes to light? Would you be okay with knowing that you are a co-conspirator in their eyes? It may not be your truth to tell, but if you know it, wouldn’t it just be a truth you chose not to share? Of course, we also have to put ourselves in the friend’s shoes, who has been left in the dark. Would you want that friend to tell you if the tables were turned?

The truth hurts, and it seems impossible to be truthful under many circumstances, knowing that it could very well break the person you care about. However, doesn’t everyone deserve to know the truth about things that involve them? Is it up to us to decide which truths people can handle, and which they can’t? I’d love for you to weigh in on this blog, and share with me how you really feel about the topic. The concept is more common in life than you think. Until next time, happy Saturday everyone!

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