Friday: The Socialite

platter of fresh fruit, cheese, and crackers

The best part about summer is the outdoors! A chance to soak up the sun, or bask in the moonlight of a cool evening. What to do with all this fresh air? Have yourself an open-air Wine and Cheese Platter party, but without the big crowd of course! A few close friends and family invited to dine safely, but for a few good laughs and lots of fun. If you are not the wine and cheese expert, I found a few suggestions on what would go well on a CHARCUTERIE or CHEESE BOARD.

Different Types of Cheese | HowStuffWorks
  • Gouda – the perfect pairing with Cabernet
  • Aged cheddar – lovely with Malbec
  • Manchego – try this one with a sparkly wine. Also, this is a sheep milk based cheese ( great for those sensitive to cow’s milk cheeses).
  • Ricotta – goes well with Riesling
  • Parmesan – delicious with a bubbly Prosecco
  • Gruyere – a love fest with Chardonnay
  • Brie – goes well with many wines, but my favorite is Merlot
  • Bleu cheese – pairs well with a Pinot Noir or a sweet Port
  • Feta – a bright red or dry Rose, slightly sweet wine is perfect with salty feta

For vibrant colours, and a few extra flavours, you could also consider adding the following:

Spiced Pickled Figs With Ginger and Cardamom Recipe

*Cheese board ideas taken from

Sounds like a pretty swanky party, complete with great music, and delicious wine for the tasting! This is the get together that is needed to finally get summer in motion! We have been cooped up for a very long time! It’s time to gather ourselves for the best of what the season brings. Make the most out of each day, understanding that we are in different times, but also realizing that we must still live life to the fullest. Cheers! Happy Friday everyone!

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