Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “Shoes are a girl’s best friend!”, and ain’t that the truth! The love of fancy feet is one of the many reasons why our closets are overstuffed, and out of control! However, we won’t stop! We can’t stop the fashion frenzy of fancy footwear because it makes a powerful statement about who you are, simply by the shoes you wear. Shoes can glitter and shine, they can also be low profile, or comfy for a long journey if need be. Your life reflects your shoes.

So, now that we have that speech out of the way, let me also say that the men are also caught up in the “shoe love affair” they often blame us for. Men can be very trendy, and may have a different pair for every mood they want to convey. Shoes can freshen them up, or make them sporty. They can make them handsome, or casual for a stroll. They might not want to admit they have a problem, but men gotta have their shoes too!

For the ladies, this year’s trend for flats are your leopard prints that bring added drama to your basic jeans look. The babydolls are still a thing for those who can’t get enough, and the strappy flats give a bit of a “turnt up” vibe that accentuates to your casual apparel. Who would have thought that ropey sandals would make the cut? But they are noteworthy in beach wear, and the Versace pump is saving the best for last. The steel heel is edgy and full of class, which is definitely suited for the power suit lady boss, who clicks her way into meetings with the big boys. Yassss! Shoes are making noise on the feet of women, but what about the men?

Men are living large in canvas these days, making easy wear, breezy wear. It makes sense with anything from khakis to jeans, and even a proper blazer if he’s feeling confident. The men love their sports, and the Air Jordan Retro High Tops can walk the streets, or play street ball. Either way, they look fresh. What about these loafers though? This is a big deal in a man’s world, and going with the sockless look is the name of the game. Rolling up a pair of slim cuts to expose those ankles can make any woman swoon! The Oxford dress shoes are the swanky add-ons for his wardrobe, bringing his look to A-Class. A suit and slightly unbuttoned shirt summons a “Christian Grey” attitude for the well-dressed gentleman.

Now that we have explored shoes, it is your time to shine. Shop the look and get what works for you. Not every trend goes well with everyone, so be selective in what you choose, and love it because it compliments you! Don’t be afraid to wear colours and styles that stand out, or don’t match your outfit. You can’t be apologetic for your artistic self-expression. Too bad, so sad, but you just have to do you! Have fun shoe shopping, and Happy Monday everyone!

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