Sunday: At Home

I have been a little quiet for the last few days, due to really bad seasonal allergies. I have been on antihistamines that have made me feel like I could sleep for 8 hours at any given moment, but without them, I would be an itchy, watery-eyed mess! So, I choose to take the lesser of the two evils, but here is the kicker; I have never had seasonal allergies before! This is why I didn’t know about the different types of allergy medications that are out there. I simply picked up the first thing I could find that could give me relief, and it definitely put me in a trance! Lol. Only me.

I have been trying to give up refined sugar to the best of my ability, for health reasons. What I realize is that our bodies are all different, and everyone reacts to foods in different ways. “Luckily” for me, my body does not do well with sugar, even though I am the baking queen! Go figure. The stress of not having that sugar in my system has totally corrupted my mind, to the point where every thought ends on a sad note! Lol! This too shall pass, but the journey has been quite intense. Anyone have any suggestions on how to battle cravings? I’m trying to find new and innovative ways to live without refined sugar. It would be interesting to hear your advice on the matter.

Has being “quarantined” for an extended period of time, made you obsessed with what your home looks like these days? Obsession has taken on a whole new meaning for me; constantly fixing the throw pillows so they sit upright perfectly on the couch, or mopping the floors to keep that squeaky clean shine. I throw a fit when the kids leave a dish in the sink, or shoes at the front door. Is this normal? Should I get out more? I’m tired of seeing the flaws of my home, and I think it’s time to put the paint can down and enjoy the sun! If I continue on like this, they will have to pry the yellow cleaning gloves off my hands, and ship me out of the country in a box marked, “Fragile!” Thought I’d make you laugh today. There was no real agenda for me today, even though I worked around the house like a dog! Enough is enough! I want fun! Don’t you? Let’s go for it this week! It’s supposed to be a gorgeous one. Enjoy yourselves, and don’t work too hard. Happy Sunday everyone!

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