Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

Hello parents and guardians! How are you coping these days? This challenge is for you. We are all having a hard time keeping up with homework assignments, “online learning”, and keeping children active. While observing my own kids in the house all day, it dawned on me that we should get creative with our indoor space to help kids have fun again. I researched some easy DIY spaces that might be interesting for you to explore:

First thing’s first, what does your child like to play? Is he/she a bundle of energy that would appreciate an indoor jungle gym? Or a super artsy child that would fall in love with an art studio? In every kindergarten classroom at school, there is always a kitchen of some kind, that serves as part of the educational experience. If your child loves to cook and bake, it might be fun to incorporate a market or kitchen into their space as well.

The other important thing to remember is that you should start with what you have laying around the house to start a project like this one. Let’s face it, kids grow fast. The less money you can spend on a phase, the better. You could almost blink and they would be over it. You could use old cabinets or crates you can salvage from the garage, or even an outdoor playset that you wash off and set up indoors. Some extra shelves can act as a small library that your little readers will be thrilled to curl up under. The most exciting of all the indoor play projects is the repurposed wardrobe in the picture above! Painting, installing wallpaper in the rear, and drilling a hole for overhead lighting is nothing short of brilliant! Check out the added storage at the bottom. Just lovely! There is no limit to your imagination if you let it run wild.

Your kids will think you are the coolest if you can pull this one off, and not to mention all the free time you will have by keeping them busy;) Good luck! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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