Wednesday: Do it Yourself Challenge!

For those of you who have taken your work home indefinitely, there is a need for an organized spot in your home in order to be productive. I happened to find an article on a few inexpensive office hacks that might be able to help you put some order to your new home office. I hope you find some of these ideas easy to useful.

20 Awesome DIY Office Organization Ideas That Boost Efficiency

1. Stack Mason Jars


Hot glue together five ball mason jars as shown. Once dry tip on their side and use for spacious little cubbies for pens, pencils, staples, and other small items.

2. Binder Clips To De-Tangle Cords


Clip binder clips to the side of a desk to hold USB and other cables. Thread through the metal part to keep cords tangle free.

3. Jelly Jar Storage


Remove the desired shelf and place upside down on work surface. Space the lids two inches from another. Screw, nail, or hot glue the lid in place. Return to shelf and screw in jars.

4. Peg Board


Frame a pegboard and hang above the desk to store items. The peg board can hold small items like scissors and tape.

5. Re-Use An Old Shutter


Use to hold pending or paid bills. Or use the top half as the in-box and the bottom half for out bound bills.

6. Shoe Box Storage


Pin together shoe boxes with clips to store light books and papers. If you prefer to be more decorative, cover the shoe boxes in shelf lining or wrapping paper.

7. Re-Purpose Magazine Holders


Attach  new or used magazine holders to a shelf to hold items. Paint or cover with shelf paper to match the room decor.

8. Re-Purpose Wall Brackets


Re-purposed wall brackets make lovely magazine, envelope, or paper holders. The fancy look will add a touch of class to your office at home or at work.

9. Make A Desk


Turn bookcases and an old door into a beautiful desk with plenty of storage. The low bookcases provide plenty of storage to keep the desk clear of clutter.

10. Drawer Dividers


Cereal boxes covered in shelf liner or wrapping paper make for great divided storage in a desk drawer. Use an exacto knife to trim the boxes to suit the drawer.

11. Hidden Desk


Two bookcases with hinges make for a lovely way to hide a desk. The desk-top is designed to fold up when the desk is ready to close.

12. Hanging Storage Bins


These hanging storage bins are made from re-purposed disinfecting wipes containers. Hang near or above your office work station.

13. Re-Purpose An Old Window


An old window can receive new life as a storage space for the office. Hang reminders and use the chalkboard for family reminders. The project can be completed in an afternoon.

14. Mail Sorter


Create a mail sorter with canvas. Those who sew will really love this idea. There are four categories to store bills or use as an in and out box.

15. Wine Rack Organizer


Re-purpose a wine rack into a beautiful organizer for your desk. Place empty cups into the spots that hold the wine. And use the cabinet above to store extra supplies.

16. Office In A Chest


Give a chest new life as a miniature office to store folders and more. The project is quick and easy. And when complete office files and supplies are beautifully hidden.

17. Muffin Tin Storage


Convert a muffin tin to store odds and ends in a desk drawer.

18. Convert A Wall


Create a giant ribbon wall. Staple batting and desired fabric to the wall. Use fabric tacks to attach the ribbon. The converted wall will hold papers and much more.

19. Magnetic Knife Racks


Hang magnetic knife racks vertically to create added storage. Attach hooks for added space.

20. Hang Kitchen Wire Racks


Kitchen wire racks may also double in the home office for added storage. These may be purchased almost anywhere. Simply look in the kitchen aisle for the racks.

*Article taken from

Getting your space organized is an important part of being effective at your work, and these hacks also allow you to repurpose items you have laying around the house. How neat! All you need to do now is look through the DIY list, and figure out which projects you definitely need for your space! You should have it all together once you put your projects into gear! Enjoy working from home because it won’t last forever! #MeetingsInPJs. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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