Monday: Confessions of a Shopping Diva

Creating the perfect room takes a lot of time and patience, and when you sit in your house for as long as you have, you tend to get a little anxious about getting things done. A friend of mine decided that since her days and nights have been centered around her home lately, the layout no longer worked for her and her family. She said the words, “We will sell,” and I shook my head. A piece of advice: Don’t let being in isolation at home allow you to give up on your house. It is true, we do have a lot more time to see the things we dislike about our space, but it is not the time, nor the place to be making changes like that.

Consider your home project by project. After all, it is what you agreed to when you first bought the place. It takes time to make your home your sanctuary, and you have to move in stages. Here is a stage for you to consider about my home: Lighting. My living room is slowly being transformed, but I am in the process of choosing the right table lamps for the area.

I have empty side tables that are in need of companionship, and I need your opinion on them. I will put a few ideas out there, and I want you to have fun in choosing the best option.

*Lamps taken from, prices ranging from $89-280US per lamp

I hope to make this living room space into a beautiful office/library for the family. There will be built in book shelves, and grey walls, with a couch and a single chair. When you picture all of this in your head, in your opinion, which lamp is the best look for the space described?

I’m thinking that the top right lamp has that “library” feel I’m going for, with its simple, but contemporary drum shade. The light is able to shine upwards and downwards for dual lighting, both for the room, and for reading. Although Lamps Plus have some really amazing lighting and room decor, they have not yet set up their website for Canadians to shop online. However, they promise that it is coming, so Canadians should stay tuned!

For the home of your dreams, line up the projects one at a time, and tackle them one by one. I promise you that you will have a little something new to smile about in various places, that will encourage you about your progress. It makes a difference, believe me. Fall in love with your home again, and enjoy the house that you once loved! Happy Monday everyone!

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