Sunday: At Home

I have been working diligently on a client’s master bedroom. The theme she has chosen is “African Roots.” There is a bit of a challenge in purchasing the final pieces because of the stores being closed. Today, I went in with my husband to put up the electronics and lighting.

We had a little issue with the lighting. In order to make the chandelier a bit shorter in length from the ceiling, we had to change a part in order to eliminate the extra rod. I will have to look around Home Depot tomorrow to see what I could find. The tv was a hit! The 55 inch went up without a fuss, and we were pleased with that. The pictures I took did turn out a little dim, but we were installing as the sun was setting.

It will definitely take more time to complete everything on the list being that the stores are not open for shoppers, but if there’s a will, there will definitely be a way! I managed to do what I could in her space, but was also able to complete the Banana Bread Cheesecake I promised for today! I am SuperWoman! Here is a picture of the finished product:

Not bad, eh? Looks delicious! The husband will be the taste tester tonight. The cake turned out well, but I have to admit that am really bad for reading over recipes before I do them! So, I happened to miss the part where it asks for two eggs and a yolk, and two eggs and egg white. I threw the yolk away before I realized that I needed it for another step. Read it through. Don’t be foolish like me;) I decided to skip the chocolate chips because I thought it was sweet enough, and I was right! You could definitely rock this cake without them!

I hope that you were able to accomplish much today, and that I was able to inspire a little baking action in the kitchen! I encourage you to cozy up with a cup of tea now, and watch a series because we have time! Happy Sunday everyone!

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