Saturday: Reflections

The saying says, “Patience is a virtue.” It’s meaning being an example of moral excellence, which lays the foundation of an honourable person. Patience gives more time where it is needed, to areas of our lives that require attentiveness. Where do we usually need patience?

Family requires a great deal of the patience we possess. We strive to make those we love happy, and find the tolerance to work through the painful process of finding balance and autonomy in the relationship. There is no greater joy than the comfort of knowing that a family’s wholeness is due to contribution of patience that comes from each member.

One of the hardest things that I face is giving my children the space to be kids and make mistakes. It takes an enormous amount of effort to see them spill the milk, or forget their homework on the kitchen table, without chastising them for their clumsy or forgetfulness. Breathing out and counting backwards from ten, or picturing them as the babies they once were, will sometimes help me through each episode. However, there is a peace in patience. Understanding that there will always be a time when milk will spill, and homework will be forgotten, but allowing the moment to be just that. We can mop up the milk and drop off the homework, but we can never relive the time spent with those we love. So, we take the good with the bad and cherish every minute of it.

In this life, we give out patience where patience is due, never considering that we will need some for ourselves. We are our own biggest critics; never allowing mistakes, or rebuking who we are simply because it doesn’t meet society’s standards. We judge ourselves harshly, and leave no room to grow and mature. We expect to always have an answer, and already know everything without ever having to learn, which limits our life experiences, and keeps us from spreading our wings.

My biggest learning lesson about myself so far, has taken place in the last year. I have always had an issue with weight loss, and have also been timid in times where boldness mattered. I have been fighting for the two equally, but never able to win. I promised myself recently that if I were to fight for something, it will be for me. You can’t lose weight because the world wants you to be thin, and you can’t speak up only because people can’t hear you.

You have to decide what kind of life you want for yourself, and work at it each day. There has to be patience in the process because it is a defining moment that changes your direction forever. It is the “absolute” that will take you to another level, never going back on your final answer. So, I decided that I will give myself time to evolve into the woman I want to be. Weight loss and a sense of boldness are both important to me, but I will not do it in a hurry. I will consider what I am fighting for, and give it the time it takes to blossom.

For all of you who struggle with patience for those you love, or even yourself, you have to remember that there is nothing to gain in your haste. There is a great responsibility on our shoulders to nurture the people we love around us, and the individuals we are inside. It begins with love as a sprout. Virtue grows from its roots, and patience is watered over it, only for “relationship” to flourish in its fullness. Good things take time to grow. Be patient and wait for it. Happy Saturday everyone!

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