Saturday: Reflections

Contentment is a very hard pill to swallow. In a world where more is never enough, there is little space left to appreciate what is in front of you. Music, televison, and even billboards boast of the “good life,” with a three car garage, the million dollar family, and the lavish trips to Europe. People obsess about the dollars, and live way beyond their means. So, the question is “What is enough?”

I remember purchasing my first home with my husband, and the excitement we both felt when we signed the legal documents. I walked through the house elated, planning paint colours and furniture placement. Each room seemed bigger than the last, and I felt truly blessed to finally have my dream become a reality…until… friends of ours took us to see the new homes being built at the top of our street. They had soaring ceilings, double staircases, and the biggest master walk-in closet you have ever seen. I deflated. Did I make a mistake? I went back home and started to see my home in a different light. The floors we would have to do over, the laundry that needed upgrading, the basement that wasn’t quite finished.

I had let my contentment be clouded by what I believed was better. I understand now that my home belongs to me, and there are so many people in this world who would appreciate a moment in my shoes. It is true, you could always go bigger, but I would rather live a life catered to my needs, than a life meant for someone else. Claiming your life and living it to the fullest, allows for us to live the lives we were meant to live, and be the people we were meant to be. I truly believe that my home was meant for me, and I plan on living my best life in it.

This week, I also had a friend confide in me about the hardships of living up to social standards. We all know what these standards are: School in our late teens, married and new home in our twenties, babies in our thirties, and retirement in our sixties. The question is: Why do we feel we should all be able to fit the standards? Given the fact that we are over 7 billion people strong in this world, is it really the expectation that we should all fit “society’s” description of the perfect life? That’s almost like saying we should all be blonde.

With so many personalities, and so many options for us to decide, it seems foolish to believe we could all move in the same direction. What would the world look like if we all did? I reassured my friend that she had to choose the best path for her, and to trust that her life is tailored for her, exclusively. Don’t allow society to dictate where you should live, if and who you should marry, or if you should have children. Those are the decisions that you alone could make on your personal journey. There will be no police to decide if you are right or wrong. In fact, the only one who holds you back from doing you, is you. When making decisions about your future, always be sure to look inside yourself to navigate the way.

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