Saturday: Reflections

calm2VULNERABILITY. A word that causes us to throw up a wall of defense in order to shield us from the effects. To be vulnerable is to expose yourself to the possibility of harm or attack, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. Looking back at your week, I’m sure you can see yourself in that situation at work, or the relationship you are currently in, which takes you to an uncomfortable place. A place that doesn’t guarantee that you will win if you decide to play.

I want to explore WHY we have vulnerability in our lives. Consider the following scenario:

You and a co-worker are the best of friends at work. You take all of your breaks together, take the walk to and from the car together, and take every opportunity to work on projects together as a team. You are both in separable.  However, your friend asks if he/she could come by your place to get ready for the company Christmas party. All of a sudden, you feel uncomfortable with the idea, seeing that work friend as a total stranger walking into your home life.

What is the difference between the workplace and your home? You’ve mastered a relationship at work, but worry about if your friend will accept who you are at home. Vulnerability allows for us to experience the change over of ourselves from the standard to the more personal side. The standard you should always be linked to the personal you, as it should be a true version of who you really are. Some people feel anxious about the exposure of their personal side only because their standard side was built to please the masses, but fails to serve their true reflection.

To experience that change is to have a good understanding of who you are inside, and to be confident about that inner person no matter what the outcome. If your co-worker decided that he/she doesn’t have much in common with you after being in your home, then that decision is for the best. It is essential to stay true to who you are because it is the most authentic part about you. There is no one else like you in this world, and you are the only one who can contribute to the world the way that you do.

Allowing vulnerability in our lives helps to build up our character, and discover who we are. It is the moment that defines your own integrity when you stand up and let your light shine, no matter the scrutiny. You can live a life without limits and boldly blaze your own trail in this world because you are uniquely you. Happy Saturday everyone!






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