thanksgiving pic

I’m sure this year’s Thanksgiving was scrumptious, complete with all the trimmings and a table full of your favourite things. It is a wonderful time to get together with family and friends, and eat ‘out of this world’ meals, but the question I thought of while at my dinner table was, “Do we need all of this?” Sure, we have things to be thankful for and we want to celebrate it, but for blessings we already have everyday it seems redundant to eat our bellies full.

We need to remember the newcomers to the country, the homeless on the streets, the kids in the system, and the little old lady in the apartment below.  Next year, let’s give something of ourselves to show how blessings can be shared among us.  Invite the newcomers to your table for dinner, donate your time and resources to kids in need, and make a plate for the nice old lady who is all alone, and plan to stay awhile. These are the ways that we could really put our blessings to work. After all, they are meant to be utilized so they can grow and be useful to everyone.

We can all have something to be thankful for if we are willing to give so that everyone has enough. Imagine what a world that would be! I am ever so grateful for the people that sit at my table every year, and happy that I have been given much to do more. The challenge awaits us all!


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