Neat and Tidy


Oh yes, my friends! The time is finally here to get all the Christmas odds and ends away and get down to the business of organization. Spring will be here before we know it so it’s a great idea to get a head start on the checklist of chores. The first item on the agenda is the closet. We all know the horrors of going into the closet trying to find one item, only to be swallowed whole by the mess that it has become. This year we will venture into new territory of creating a closet space that best suits our lifestyle.

The first thing that absolutely needs to be done is to go through your belongings to decide what could be sold online, donated, or thrown away. You will need 3 separate bins to help you organize the chaos, and although it might be the most time consuming and tedious of the steps, you will definitely feel a sense of relief with what you’ve accomplished thus far.

The next step is to plan what type of closet space you want to create for the items you want to store. For a wardrobe space, the use of wallpaper, geometric patterned boxes, and fancy hardware on drawers might be a glamorous step up for the space. For a utility closet, the concept of hooks, wired shelving with baskets, and wall clamps for mops or brooms may be an effective way to get your cleaning supplies handy for the spring cleaning season ahead of you.


The neatest idea that I’ve found is the closet becoming the office space you’ve always wanted but never had the room for! We never consider that the square footage of our closet space can be so versatile if we dare to dream it. So, consider some chalkboard paint, a narrow counter top, shelving, and a cute stool to scoot underneath, which will take an ordinary closet to a whole new living space. Now, that is fabulous!

Get your cleaning gear on, and your imagination moving. This may be the year that you get that checklist completed, and nothing feels better than being able to take credit for the DIY closet facelift you’ve finally got around to completing. Last step: Take before and after photos. I’m excited to see photos, so don’t forget to send them to my e-mail: and maybe your project photos will be chosen to grace the cover of my follow-up article. If you have any questions or need some quick ideas for your space, don’t be shy! I am here to help you through. Good luck.


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