Oh What Fun!


They  say that Christmas is all about the shopping, the cooking, the decorating, the cleaning, or even the ugly Christmas sweater. I say that people run through all of these things just to get to the best part, nothing. We stand in long line ups in the stores, get stuck in traffic, and frantically wrap up loose ends at work so we have nothing to do when Christmas Day is finally here. This may be the heart of the matter. Doing “nothing” is so rare for most of us that we almost find it worth the chaos for some good old fashioned down time.


What if we were to change the way we prepare for Christmas so that it doesn’t take away from the joy that it was meant to bring? Or what if we focus our energy and effort into what is most important, which is quality time with family and friends? Achieving this state of mind may prove essential for a more fulfilling and satisfying Christmas experience.

The first rule to a more relaxing holiday is to do your shopping early and orderly. Always try to grab items on sale, and a good idea is to buy gifts right after the holiday  to ensure the most fantastic deals! It may be hard to wrap your head around this idea but you get the items at a fraction of the cost, and you could do your real shopping when the stores are clear and calm. Another important thing to keep in mind is that we all should have a reasonable budget planned for gifts. Do not overspend. This only causes you to be up at night worrying about how you will pay it back, and that goes against what the season is all about. There should be gifts you buy and gifts you make. Hit up Pinterest for some cool ideas if you are stumped. For those on your list who will be getting a smaller gift, they can receive a craft or baked good, which would be considered more thoughtful and personal.

It was a small gesture from my kids’ babysitter this Christmas, but one of my favourite gifts that I received. Shout out to the best babysitter in the world!

Check out her creativity:


A tin full of my faves! Yummy.

Another great way to get ready for a relaxing Christmas is to have designated days for cleaning, baking, and decorating so that it is not overwhelming close to the big day. Make a list of what needs to be done and put it side by side with the December calendar. Book your time to get your errands done day by day, and you will see how much you could get accomplished with ease.

Finally, not every Christmas has to be fancy. Keep it simple. Chicken might be quick and ideal over a spread of a variety of meats! That line was for my mom who never ceases to go over the top with Christmas dinner. Even if she’s not the one hosting! I love you, but the dinner could get really complicated sometimes. Paper plates at dinner is acceptable if you plan on eating it in your pjs! Why not? It’s your holiday, if you want to really take relaxation to another level, let your guests know that pjs will be your dress code next Christmas. Grab your glasses of wine and huddle around the tv to binge watch a series you otherwise would not see if it were not for this break. Tell funny stories around the fireplace, and put your feet up. You are home with the ones you love, and it’s worth every minute of the “nothing” you will be doing together. If you ask me, the fun is in the stillness of the moment.






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