Lego Ninjago Birthday Celebration!


So, the Lego Ninjago Birthday party for Jayden’s 9’th was a great success! For those who are not aware of what Lego Ninjago is all about, let me just say that they are Lego Ninjas that are hot and happening with kids everywhere!

As you all know, I am always up for a challenge, and decided to draw and paint a replica of the Ninja character, ‘Zane,’ and hang it up on the basement wall. I used the picture on the left as a guideline for the end result on the right. Neat isn’t it?

I also had a Japanese inspired snack table complete with a traditional red Japanese roof, and hand-made loot bags with ninja faces for all of the Lego goodies! The goodies included: Lego candy pieces and a mini Lego character made of 30 pieces to be assembled. Those kids were Legoed out when all was said and done!


Saving the best for last, a ‘Ninja Lego’ themed vanilla cake with burgundy icing! It was absolutely delicious! Looks like “Super Mom” has done it again. Making an ordinary birthday, extraordinary. I can only imagine what the next birthday party will be…


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