Spring Fling!


It is the most fresh and vibrant time of the year. A time for all things new, for growth and change. It inspires and motivates you to live even better than the year before; It’s spring. The vibe is pale blues and refreshing greens, and the annuals peak-a-boo from the sweet smelling earth. It is the perfect time to consider your backyard.

Now, I did some serious backyard reconstruction last fall. It was a total upheaval that left me with a blank canvas for this spring. I have the before and after photos so you can see for yourself. It took many weeks and even more hands, but the job is finally done.

Before                                                           After

This spring I am dreaming of a backyard oasis. I will sand the deck, do a combination of paint and stain to revive the look, add curtains that will give it character, add planters and furniture that will make it look super loungey and luxurious all at the same time! Here are a few ideas for the deck that I’ve been using as my guidelines. Don’t be afraid to make a storyboard of the best of your ideas. That is the only way you could really conceptualize your vision for the space you are dreaming of.


Pretty exciting right? Well, I can’t wait to get my hands dirty this spring! I will be updating you on my backyard transformation by the end of this summer. Stay tuned….



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