Easter Brunch, Chez Moi!


I thought I would write about my Easter weekend celebration because it was nothing short of spectacular! I went to great lengths to make this brunch a success: from handmade decorations, to homemade scones!  Yes, family and friends “ooohed” and “ahhhed”  at the incredible layout of cinnamon buns, spinach quiche and buttermilk pancakes that I made from scratch!


This was an important day for me, not only because it was Easter, but my son Elijah also turned five! He is the second of three kids, and the luckiest one to have an occasion such as this to share his special day. So, I was sure to top the day off with a fabulous ‘Batman’ cake that he would squeal over!


Needless to say, I had to roll my guests out the door by the end of the day because they ate to their hearts’ content, but nothing makes me happier than to see gatherings like these. Family and friends coming together, laughing and joking around a dining room table, kids running and playing from room to room, and the warmth and comfort of food that brings us all together. I must admit that it was a challenge for me to pull off, but the joy I received that day was priceless. From my home to yours, Happy Easter!





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