Style Trending 2016

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Elle Decor has posted the top 1o home decor trends for 2016 and I’m excited to give you my personal spin on it.  They have announced that a formal dining room will be one of the biggest trends you will see in homes this year. This is the year of entertainment, but even more importantly, the family abandoning the television to spend quality time with each other around a dinner table.

House Beautiful talks about making everyday rooms glamourous by adding texture and patterns, creating depth and conversational interest.  I chose the picture above because it is a perfect idea of how I would marry these elements together to create the perfect formal dining room.  The wallpaper is a good example of a traditional textured base to begin a room’s appeal. Next, comes the bold black and white striped curtains, and chevron pattern ‘marbled’ rug that adds drama to the room and allows a traditional space to borrow a chic and contemporary style. The mix and match of white upholstered captain chairs and dark leather side chairs give a a bold and daring statement to the room, topping everything off with a showstopping crystal chandelier.

This is a fantastic example of combining new trends as well as conserving old ones, in order to make a typical room look like a million bucks! I am down for that. So, I guess your next question would be, “Is this a space that family can kick back and feel comfortable in?” Well, I believe that life is what you make it. Everyday that we are alive and have breath, it should be a celebration. What greater way to celebrate the simple things like spending time with family, by creating a living space like this one? Bring the kids into your new dining room, put out the cereal and milk, and make a mimosa toast to new beginnings and another beautiful room to live in.

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