End of Season Sales

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I was watching Rachel Ray on tv the other day, and she had a shopping expert on her show talking about the best items to buy in January. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, you should always be sure to save a few dollars for retail’s “down time”.  The time where the Christmas rush has died and the stores are preparing themselves for spring. The expert mentioned that purchasing furniture at this time of year guarantees you the deepest discount, along with exercise equipment as it is in excess, and priced to move out the door.

However, if you are looking for those smaller purchases, the sale end of a department store is your best bet! I recently visited the Superstore and was pleasantly surprised at the items they had priced to go. Items such as wooden serveware, dining stemware, and my personal favourite, cookware. Yes! Cookware that blew my mind given the quality and the discounted price.


This is a five quart, enamel coated cast iron pot with lid that I purchased in the Christmas sale aisle at Superstore for…$22.00! Crazy. But true. Along with half-priced chocolates, and wrapping paper, this was one of the best purchases of the year, and the year has just begun. So, if you are out there, take the time to look at all the clearance racks, tables and aisles. There is something sitting there just waiting for you to pick it up and score that deal. In my opinion, end of season sales are definitely worth a peak.

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