Merry and Bright!



The straws were pulled and you chose the shortest, and Christmas dinner will be hosted at your house this year! I know that you’re rolling your eyes at my enthusiasm, but just wait until you see the festive ideas I’ve cooked up just for you!


  1. Chilled cider at the door:

As your guests make their way into your home, be sure to get that fire roaring, candles burning, lights shining bright, and carols playing. Greet them by taking jackets and serving them a knockout ginger-spiced apple cider that will tease their taste buds!


images (3)

2. Cheese and fruit while they wait:

Wheel the dining cart into the living room so that your guests could help themselves to a beautiful cheese and fruit spread that will come before the main course. Combinations such as figs with smoked gouda, cranberry and mozzarella, or apples and brie will be the perfect marriage of cheese and fruit.


3. Main course, buffet style:

Everyone loves a good buffet!  It’s a refreshing change from the formal “sit-downs” that we normally do, which could change the way your guests interact with each other. They will be free to choose the dishes they like best, and mingle with others around the room. You could change the ambiance just by changing the way you serve dinner!


christmas party desserts

4. Dessert anyone?

Build up a separate dessert buffet area in the house, preferably in a comfortable sitting area, where people could pick up their favourite dessert and cozy up on the sofa. You can make your dessert table extravagant by adding a mini Christmas tree, or gingerbread house in the center on a platter.  Make paper snowflakes, use tree ornaments, or wreaths to make a dramatic background. Tier your dessert platter with gift wrapped boxes for a festive feel.  I guarantee that your guests will be blown away by the details.



5. Parting is such sweet sorrow:

At the end of your big night, hand out the pre-packaged mason jar parting gifts that you prepared for your guests. Be sure to include little odds and ends that each individual would enjoy, and keep it small and simple. Decorate the jars with ribbon, bells, bows and anything else you can think of to make your jars the talk of the town. I guarantee that your Christmas party will be one that everyone will remember for years to come. Don’t forget the less fortunate during the season, create a few more mason jars that you could donate to charity to make the joy of Christmas real for everyone.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!





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