Hole in One!


Yes, I did it again! I put my creative juices to work when building this unique, two-tiered golfing cake for a dear friend of mine. He is definitely smitten with the game so the cake was nothing short of “fitting” for the occasion. I included evergreens, a golf cart, and a great fondant image of my friend blowing his ball into the hole at the top of the cake! There was exciting feedback from all who attended his event, and everyone made a point to thank ‘yours truly’ for the most moist and delicious piece of cake they have tasted in a very long time!

So, my question to you is, “What are you waiting for?” If you are curious to know what type of cake I could put together for you, maybe you should contact me to find out! Allow me to make your moment a special one too!

ATT_1442810412302_20150905_204707    20150905_204755     20150905_204727

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