Organization is Key


So, the holidays are finally over and we are left with an empty room where the tree used to be, a mountain of toys that the kids received for the season, and a little bulge in the belly from the Christmas party sweets table! What are we to do? First thing’s first, let’s get organized!

Start by decluttering. Deal with the piles of unopened bills sitting on the dining table, file what’s important, throw the rest away. Move the big furniture and sweep away the dust and shimmer from the Christmas decorations. Give the place a good mopping from top to bottom and make your own cleaning products from scratch to get an easy, inexpensive, and fresh solution for your home. Jillee has some great house cleaner recipes on her blog that you could try:

Don’t forget to sort the massive collection of toys for the kids. Buy some plastic storage bins and get cracking on storing what’s new, and donating what the kids have had enough of. It is important to keep this system going every year, otherwise your home will be the new Toys R Us headquarters! They can’t keep it all! They will have to let go of some of it, and so out with the old and in with the new!

There has been an ongoing trend of people running to the stores to redecorate their homes after the tree has come down. It seems as if the space just feels too bare and we can’t seem to find what was once there that made it complete. However, I strongly advise against running out and purchasing big-ticket items to fill it up because it is too costly (especially after the holiday expense!), and it will lead to major traffic in your home’s design flow. Instead, I would suggest pulling pieces from one room, and incorporating it into another. You could buy fresh flowers and make an arrangement here or there, but I have always preferred silk because of the little effort it takes to care for them, as well as their unchanging beauty.

Finally, the best part about spring cleaning is that it gets you moving again, which challenges that belly head on, just in time for the summer! Get your family involved, or make a promise with some friends that if they come to your house this week, you will be at their house next week! However you get it done, just remember that having that rejuvenated home brings the life back into you as well, and gets you in a better frame of mind for the summer that is fast approaching.


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